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5 Ways To Save On Your 2015 Weight-loss Goals - Yahoo News

Check your plan specifics, and talk to your doctor. Considering that some of these guided weight-loss programs (such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers ) cost hundreds of dollars each month, using tax-free money could save you considerably. 5. Budget rewards. Maybe you've vowed to splurge on a new outfit once you lose the first 5 pounds , or a spa day if you follow through on all your gym commitments for a month. Incentives are a good way to keep yourself motivated and on target. But you may spend more than reasonable under the auspices of "I deserve it!" Although rewarding yourself isn't necessarily bad, consider setting mini goals with smaller rewards such as a new book or a kitchen gadget . You can also delay the purchase of new view site... workout gear until after you've achieved something, rather than "gearing up" before you even begin.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/5-ways-save-2015-weight-loss-goals-203343430.html

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